Choosing a Temecula polygraph examiner

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Is your test for a matter
that could change your life?
If so, make sure that the
chosen examiner is not a
relatively-new examiner;
insist that it is put in
writing that they have
more than 5 years
minimum of actually
conducting their own
full-time (not part-time)
polygraph examinations.
Long-time examiners
already have these facts
in writing on their
websites; assume very
little experience is likely
if it's not already shown
in writing.

Temecula polygraph examination

$345 in Temecula;
or $145 in Los Angeles!
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NEVER be tricked into
paying a deposit
if you
are going to an examiner's
office. If the examiner
can't trust you to show
up without paying a
deposit, that's an insult.

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Need a polygraph test in the Temecula area

There are examiners who
don't want you to know
that they only have
about 5 years of
part-time polygraph
. They have
been caught saying
"More than xx years of
police experience",
hoping you don't see
that the truth is that
they only have x years
of only part-time
polygraph experience.

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We have more than 30 years of
polygraph experience, with in
excess of 10000 completed
No other examiner in your area
has even near that experience.

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RUN if a polygraph place
makes you pay them a
deposit before you come
in for a test! No other
professional such as a
doctor or a lawyer would
insult you like that!
Only a new examiner
would try that garbage
on a client.

Temecula lie detector needed

polygraph examination Temecula

Temecula good polygraph

Lie-detector Temecula

A polygraph could take an hour
and a half, for all three parts.

The longest of the three parts,
the 'pre-test', is where your
desired one-to-four questions
to be used are developed.
Following federal guidelines,
you can spend an hour at
home to write and re-write
these questions, saving
office time.

Part 2, The actual 'polygraphing'
time, where those one-to-four
Yes or No questions are asked
and answered while the person
in wired up to the computer
polygraph, is only three
5-minute chart collections.
15 minutes total.

The final part is the 'post-test'.
This is where the test results
are explained and discussed.

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With our 30+ years of
experience, we charge
$345 in Temecula.

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We have represented
our truth profession
in more than 1000 TV
and/or other media
situations. Televison
must have the best
testing available, as
potentially millions
are seeing the results.
You too can use the
same examiner that
the studios choose.

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Two polygraph warnings:
Temecula California polygraph examination
1. Some examiners don't want you to know they have less than 5 years of actual part-time polygraph experience, so they 'deflect' you into reading about their xx years of past job (not polygraph) work!

2. After paying big dollars for a polygraph test, some examiners trick you into paying a hundred dollars or two hundred dollars for a written report!

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